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What is SmartLipo™?

SmartLipo™ is a new minimally invasive fat removal technique for those who want an alternative to the surgeon’s knife.

SmartLipo™ is a revolutionary concept in laser assisted liposculpture. The procedure causes minimal discomfort, bruising and side effects, and is very safe. Many procedures take just one to two hours to carry out and most importantly the treatment is very effective at removing localised unwanted fatty areas that are resistant to dieting or physical exercise. Smart Lipo™ is effective for reducing double chins, love handles, inner thighs, hips, upper arms, ankles, upper and lower abdomen.

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Smartlipo is a new minimally invasive fat removal technique for those who do not want to go under the surgeons knife and have traditional liposuction. Unlike traditional liposuction Smartlipo fat removal works with a powerful laser that heats the fat cells breaking them down so they can be absorbed and eliminated in a natural manner. Smartlipo has been given the nickname lunchtime liposuction and the procedure for fat removal can literally be carried out in about an hour. Smatlipo has many benefits over traditional liposucton fat removal procedures. Smartlipo has reduced recovery times, reduced invasivness, and the possibility of treating areas considered unsuitable for traditional liposuction fat removal treatment. Smartlipo really is the modern form of liposuction fat removal that you have been looking for. Click here to see what previous LaserSlim customers have said about Smartlipo fat removal.

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Smart Lipo Smart Lipo

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”I’m delighted with the results so far and LaserSlim made the whole process simple and comfortable, I would definitely recommend them to anybody considering this type of SmartLipo treatment.”

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No matter how hard you work out in the gym there are still certain areas of your body that simply refuse to shift unsightly fat. It`s always the same old story and even though you are extremely careful with your diet, your posterior and thighs always stay the same. You did consider having liposuction carried out on your bum not so long ago. However the thought of a surgeon prodding about on your body put you off the whole idea. What if you could have a non-intrusive type of procedure though? It`s possible to have a new type of liposuction called smartlipo and it could be completed in a couple of hours. Would this make you think again about liposuction as an answer to your prayers? This process involves laser liposuction and a number of happy customers have already had it done. People that have smartlipo conducted on their bodies can see the results of the procedure in only a few weeks. It`s completely safe to have the smartlipo carried out and the side effects are minimal. Use this type of liposuction for your problem areas and you`ll finally get rid of that unwanted fat which has blighted you for all of this time.


Cellulite can prove to be problematic on certain parts of the body. The posterior in particular tends to be afflicted by nuisance fat levels and it can leave a telltale mark. Some ladies take the direct approach when they want to get rid of unsightly cellulite. They book into clinics and have liposuction carried out to remove excess levels of fat. A new type of smart liposuction is now available that uses laser technology. The new version is less intrusive than traditional types of treatment and the recovery time is speeded up as a direct result. It doesn`t take long to have the laser liposuction carried out and the entire procedure is done under local anesthetic in a doctor`s surgery. Once the process has been conducted the results are generally seen over the course of a few weeks. Cellulite used to blight women`s lives but now there is a safe and effective way of getting rid of this unsightly problem. A smartlipo procedure can be carried out on the body in a relaxed and non-intrusive way. People are raving about the new liposuction and the results are proven with numerous testimonials being left by streams of satisfied laserslim smart liposcution customers.

Fat Removal


Fat can be a stubborn to remove from your body. It has a knack for singling out certain areas of the body and it will leave its mark where it can. Love handles are created by excess fat levels and cellulite can affect areas like the bum or the upper thighs. Of course, there are treatments that can be carried out to remove excess fat and new smart liposuction is proving to be a big hit with many people at the moment. The smart lipo uses laser technology as part of the fat removal process. This type of fat removal treatment can be carried out under local anesthetic inside a doctor`s surgery. Women that take part in this fat removal process will find the recovery time is vastly improved in comparison with other types of liposuction fat removal procedures. Less discomfort is felt during the fat removal process and it also proves to be less intrusive than standard types of lipo treatments. Fat can be stubborn but it has no chance when the smartlipo laser fat removal system is used. Cellulite can be reduced and tums and bums will look totally toned when the smartlipo fat removal procedure is used.

Smart Lipo Laser

Watch this video which explains the whole Smartlipo™ procedure.

Smart Lipo Laser

Watch this video showing the Smartlipo™ laser demonstration.

Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo

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